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File Specs

This information will help you prepare your files for the smoothest possible printing process, and the highest print quality.

Preferred file type: Single-page high-resolution PDFs with bleed and all fonts converted to paths. (PDF 1.4 files optimal) Including native files is helpful if we need to make any adjustments. Native files would include the original layout file (usually an .indd or .ai file) along with any fonts or links used. If adjustments are needed, an additional art charge may apply. We will communicate this if applicable upon review of your files. We do not support any non-print applications (such as Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

  • Do not use trapping.
  • Avoid transparency in front of spot colors.
  • Convert RGB to CMYK for color critical jobs.
  • If printing spot colors as spot offset inks, specify as a spot color and list PMS in your file.
  • If not printing spot colors or printing digitally, create all color as 4-color builds.
  • If an area prints in white ink, indicate it as a separate layer, label, and use magenta to indicate. We will also require native files to process the job.

Critical: When viewing your final files for submission, view with OVERPRINT PREVIEW ON. This will give you invaluable information about all the elements in your file that will be visible and printing.